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Help Us Save a Paradise

Itapoa Reserve is a rich untouched natural rainforest jungle spanning over 150 hectares in the Choco region of Equador. Its headquarters is located in Puerto Quito and the reserve is one of the earth’s top hot spots for bio diversity, especially birds and frogs.



Since 1989, Itapoa Reserve has been working to prevent deforestation while replanting clear-cut land with new patches of forest. It is a large effort we accomplish with the help of many caring and invaluable volunteers. Some of the native plants reintroduced to these area help repopulate species of trees that are almost extinct.



Along with these efforts, Itapoa's goal is to educate natives and settlers about the dangers of logging and selling their land to Palm Oil Plantations who destroy it to produce bio fuel. By using cacao as a cash crop, they are able to bring in income as an alternative to logging or selling their land. Without their land, natives are forced to migrate out of their homes and community to find housing and a livelihood.







We protect the jungle that we have, and buy more for its conservation. We tell people about the importance of the forest and its future. We create biological corridors filled with native plant species hoping it will stay this way forever.



We also train and educate concerned individuals and future field biologists who volunteer with us from all over the world. We want everyone to feel as passionate about preserving rainforests as we do and to help in any way they can.





Just by reading this and enjoying our coffee or chocolate, you are already helping. But you could do more if you wish.


  • Read about the Choco Region and get informed. Tell more people what is happening to the forest then get involved in the fight against destruction and global warming.

  • Stop buying products from palm oil, such as, shampoo, soap, cosmetics, cooking oil or Bio Fuel


  • Buy our “Chocolate to Save the Rainforest” or our organic coffee available at Hosteria Itapoa in Puerto Lopez

  • Contribute with donations such as money, camping gear, nature guide books or scientific books

  • Be a volunteer (reserve volunteer link) in one of the ten most bio diverse regions of the world.

  • Come to visit our project in Puerto Quito for a two – 6  day learning experience. Be part of a long lasting experience in a paradise full of birds, mammals, plants, and waterfalls. All proceeds from the tours go directly to fund our rainforest conservation and research.


For more information on tours or programs please contact us at: or inquire at Hosteria Itapoa

Phone: +593 (Ecuador) (0) 052300071, or

(0) 994784992 or (0) 993145894

Malecon Julio Izurieta

y Calle Abdon Calderon

Puerto Lopez, Manabi


Visit  us at or find us on Facebook




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