Town of Puerto Lopez

Puerto López is a small picturesque fishing village with its dusty streets and chipped blue boats bobbing in the bay. It’s set in an arched bay on the Pacific coast in the  south-west Manabí Province. Puerto Lopez is a small town about 18 000 people with an area of 449km square


Puerto Lopez is a region dedicated to environmental care, being a perfect base to discover the natural wonders of the National Park Machalilla.


This beautiful resort offers colorful landscapes and restaurants to suit every budget. At many you can sit outside to enjoy the weather and views of the town. Puerto Lopez is a popular destination for visiting backpackers and nature lovers alike. You can walk everywhere in Puerto Lopez.


The temperature varies between 25 and 30 degrees centigrade (77–86 degrees Fahrenheit). January to June temperatures are often above 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit).


Being a fishing town there is a wide variety of seafood. There are also a few international restaurants in town.


Tourists can enjoy many activities, including horseback riding, biking, watching the dance of humpback whales during its annual migration, scuba diving, surfing or simply relaxing on the beach. The beaches of Puerto Lopez are one of the most beautiful of the Ecuadorian coast. Two natural breakwaters give rise to a creek, causing the Pacific Ocean to reach the beach safely. At low tide some great tide pools can be found on the South end of the beach. You can see anemones, starfish, stingrays, and urchins then.



At the Machalilla National Park, you can explore nature either on foot or by joining a horse (or mule) tour. El Mirador or lookout-point "The Blade”, has one of the most breathtaking panoramas of tropical dry forest To reach the lookout one must walk the nature trail, admiring the surrounding nature, trees, shrubs, birds, insects, mammals, and the charm of the forest landscape. In addition to the viewpoint you can visit the eco nursery “La Josefina”. The park headquarters is one block behind the plaza in Puerto López and also features a small museum.


There are also organized trips to Isla la Plata.  On the island you will be able to see plenty of blue and red footed boobies, frigate birds, sea turtles, and if you're lucky, sea lions.



Nearby to Puerto Lopez


If you are interested in exploring the areas outside of Puerto Lopez the serene Playa Los Frailes is located 10Km north of Puerto Lopez inside Machalilla National Park. You can take a taxi there or simply hop on a northbound bus and ask to be dropped off at Los Frailes.


Agua Blanca is also nearby and is a small village and archaeological site of the Manteño people. It's named after a pre-incan sulphur-water pool in the village.


Ten minutes south, The Salango Archaeological Musem is the first insitu Museum of Ecuador. The collection consists of 245 pieces of pre-Columbian pottery dating from the year 5000 to 1500 AD. It shows the use and function of the pieces, pottery technology, and the interrelationship with nature and daily life of these human groups at different stages of their settlement and cultural development.

Hosteria Itapoa  Malecon Julio Izurietay Calle Abdon Calderon, Puerto Lopez  Phone: +593 (Ecuador) (0) 993145894, (0) 994784992

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