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Itapoa Reserve Tours


Two to Six Day Tours


A Jungle Experience in the Ecuadorian Choco RegionPuerto Quito /Canande Western Lowland Rainforest


A trip to Ecuador would not be complete without
observing and learning about the magnificent and
diverse plants, birds and other wildlife that inhabits one of the earth’s most lush and vibrant Rainforests. Visit our project which has 400 species of flowers, fruit trees, and orchids. See how the forest regenerates with great effort of a few people, but also see its destruction by many others. Enjoy rivers and waterfalls, and make your own chocolate. Our tours are recommended by many travel guides including Lonely Planet, Footprint, plus various organizations and ecotour companies throughout the world. The tours are guided by Raul Nieto, a rainforest advocate who holds a graduate degree in field biology, with over 20 years of experience in the region.

Tours available in English, Spanish, Italian and French.


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